Alkimos transparent colour bond heat protection roofings solution.

by | Feb 29, 2024

Innovative clear roofing solutions for Comfortable Living Spaces in Alkimos

An Alkimos resident contacted PGWA to assist with a solution to help with the summer sun pouring in due to an exposed patio.

The baking sun was making their kitchen and living area uncomfortably hot. 

We discussed options and gave a precise quote to install transparent heat-protectant roof sheets.

PGWA sourced and installed clear heat-protectant colour bond roof sheeting designed for the Australian sun and guaranteed to last. This solution reduced the heat and glare while allowing natural light to brighten the space.

This solution is a considerable advantage in rooms where you value natural light. Until now, all the heat from natural light would be unbearable in the summer months, but thanks to heat protection, you can enjoy natural light without the drawbacks.

We hope this example showcases PGWA’s expertise and commitment to our customers! Please consider PGWA for all your future roofing solutions.

Alkimos New Roof Sheet Installation

Call to Action: Transform your outdoor spaces into comfortable, light-filled areas. Reach out to PGWA for innovative roofing solutions.


  • What makes heat-protectant roof sheeting different?
    • Unlike regular clear roofing that allows light and heat to pass. The heat protectant sheeting is designed to let in natural light while protecting against excessive heat and glare.
  • How does PGWA ensure the new roofing complements my home?
    • Our team consults with you to select materials and designs that align with your home’s aesthetic and functional needs.
  • What is the process for getting a new roof sheet installation with PGWA?
    • Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll assess your needs, provide a detailed quote, and schedule the installation at your convenience.

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