Water Filtration Systems

Installation, service and repair in Perth

Installation, service and repair in Perth

Plumbing Group WA has been helping businesses and residence of Perth Northern Suburbs enjoy great tasting water for the better part of a decade.

The benefits of filtered water cannot be overstated but this is especially true in North Perth as it has some of the hardest water in Western Australia.

Plumbing Group WA is family-owned and run plumbing service, that understands the importance of giving your family clean and safe water.

Our extensive experience in and around North Perth means we understand what it takes to get clean great tasting water in your home or business. You can trust to assist you in choosing the right water filtration system for your needs. We have the experience from installing, servicing and maintaining water filtration systems around Perth Northern Suburbs for over a decade.

We take the stress out of choosing which water filtration systems will stand up to the hard water of North Perth.

We have a number of quality, cost effective solutions to suit every need or budget.

We supply and install a wide range of water filters that make you fall in love with tap water!

Benefits of a water filtration system in Perth

Water Corporation defines Perth Water supply as hard and lets be honest its easy to see why.

Hard water can cause problems for your home in so many ways! Scale build-up can damage pipes, fixtures and appliances. Hard water also causes corrosion to metal parts, which can lead to premature failure. A water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions from your water supply, making it easier to clean and maintain.

A water filtration system can make all those hours spent scrubbing stained shower and kitchen glass a thing of the past. Saying hello to sparkling dishes and cleaner laundry and the best water you’ve ever tasted.

Types of Water Filters 

  • Water Softeners
  • Bench Top Water Filters
  • Under Sink Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification

Live in Perth Northern suburbs? We endeavour to be out the same day!

Love Perth but don’e like the water? No problem!

PGWA has a water system that deal with hard water of Perth Northern Suburbs. We have filtration systems to suit every need or budget.

Getting a great tasting water is in your home is easy with PGWA.

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Perth Water Filter Service

Don’t put up with hard, poor tasting water! Our water filtration options mean, same day day quote!

Did you know we will even send you out a reminder to replace your filters or schedule a water filter service at a time that suits you?  Schedule a service

How it works

Domestic or CommercialWater Filtration Systems Perth

Great tasting filtered water is simple with PGWA


Discuss your needs with our team and get the right advice on the the best water filtration system for your home or business.

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The cost of installing a water filtration system varies but it can be more cost effective than you realise. We discuss the costs here.

Installation/ Repair

We make installation easy and work around your schedule. We even send you reminders or pop over when you system needs a service.

We got you covered

Whether its simple DIY install Bench Top water filters, under sink, reverse osmosis, or whole house/water softener systems – PGWA has the right option for you.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from our customers

“We had a few jobs that needed doing (plumbing leaks, toilet repair) and Plumbing Group WA got the issues fixed very quickly. Gregg was very professional and efficient and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a plumber.”

Brett Davenport

“We have used Gregg several times to fix leaks and other plumbing issues. He is always professional, reliable and efficient and goes out of his way to help us even at short notice. Would always recommend Gregg to anyone needing a plumber.”

Jasmine Cleary

I had a burst bore water pipe in my backyard that needed urgent fixing. Gregg came over to assess and fix the problem within a very short time frame and gave me a realistic estimate of how much it would cost. I also had a leaking tap that needed to be repaired and received useful feedback about what had caused the leakage. Very happy with the service provided. I can definitely recommend this company and will use their service again in the future.

Anita Anderson

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