Heathridge Burst Poly Pipe Repair

by | Feb 29, 2024

Swift Fix for a Heathridge Home’s Burst Poly pipe

Rheem Solar Specialists Balcatta referred PGWA. They had initially attended as the property owner suspected an issue with the solar hot water system. RSSB identified the issue as a burst poly pipe in the roof cavity. RSSB isolated the pipe to stop the flow to avoid further damage and suggested the owner call a burst pipe specialist.

RSSB recommend PGWA as the preferred burst pipe plumbers for Heathridge and surrounding Perth Northern Suburbs.

PGWA responded the same day to fix the burst pipe!

Replace Burst Pipe

We needed to remove the damaged section and install a new pipe that meets Australian Standards. 

We identified the poly pipe as one of the defective poly pipe brands synonymous with failures in a huge number of new builds around the country. These faulty poly pipes have caused huge amounts of damage and stress for new homeowners and are currently being investigated by Building and Energy

Quality Parts for Australian Conditions

This is why PGWA only uses tried and tested high-quality pipes and parts that meet Australian standards. 

We dried up as much water as possible to avoid further damage and possible mould or wood rot. 

Don’t let a burst pipe cause more damage. Contact PGWA for fast, effective plumbing repairs.


  • What should I do if I suspect a burst pipe?
    • Immediately turn off your main water supply and contact PGWA for urgent repair services.
  • How does PGWA repair a burst pipe?
    • We isolate the damaged section, replace it with high-quality piping that meets Australian Standards, and ensure everything is sealed and tested for leaks.
  • What is the response time for emergency plumbing services like burst pipe repairs?
    • PGWA prioritises emergencies, striving to respond on the same day if possible.

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