Bath replacement Aveley

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PGWA received a call from a local insurance builder who reported that a shower screen at a home in Aveley had fallen onto the bath, causing it to crack.


The existing bath was damaged and needed replacing.


Our team at Plumbing Group WA promptly responded to the job request to replace the damaged bath. Here’s a breakdown of the actions taken:

Bath Removal: We removed the existing damaged bath and disposed of it properly to clear the space for the new installation.

Supply and Installation: We sourced a new high-quality bath from a reputable supplier as a like-for-like replacement. This bath was carefully selected to match and fit the existing space perfectly. Our expert plumbers then installed the new bath efficiently.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: The bath chosen for the replacement came with a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring its durability and quality.


The homeowner in Aveley no longer had to worry about organising the repairs themselves. Our team handled the entire process, from removing the damaged bath to installing the new one. The result was a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing bathroom, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.


1. How does PGWA source replacement bathroom fittings and fixtures?

We carefully selected a high-quality bath from reputable Australian suppliers to match and fit the existing space to ensure that products are a like-for-like replacement in accordance with the insurance builder’s instructions.

2. Was the replacement bath covered by a warranty?

Yes, the replacement bath came with a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring its quality and durability.

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