Downpipe replacement to prevent Water Damage at Daycare

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The Problem

When the daycare’s manager reported severe rust and potential water ingress in the external downpipes, it was crucial to address this issue promptly to avoid any risks to the building and its occupants—especially the children.

Trusted Expertise

As a father himself, Gregg understands the importance of maintaining a secure and safe environment for children. His local community ties and respect within the community further ensure that every project handled by Gregg meets the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Our Response

Upon assessing the situation, it became evident that two main downpipes needed replacement. Gregg not only replaced these but also thoroughly inspected the entire plumbing system to ensure no other issues were present. This ensures no unexpected surprises when heavy rains or storms roll in. 

The Outcome

The installation of new downpipes was completed efficiently, with the daycare returning to its routine without any disruptions. 

Police clearance

Gregg’s expertise and dedication to safety while onsite are what make Plumbing Group WA the trusted choice for plumbing needs, especially in places where the youngest members of our community spend their days. We are pleased to provide clean National Police Clearance for Gregg and the team prior to attending any site.

Plumbing Group WA is committed to providing top-tier plumbing services while upholding the highest safety standards. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency roof plumbing repairs, we are ready to ensure your plumbing systems are functioning safely and effectively.

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation with Gregg, please visit our website or contact us directly. Trust us to take care of your plumbing needs while you focus on what matters most—the safety and well-being of those in your care.

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