Enhancing Staff Room Efficiency with Smart Plumbing Solutions at a Perth Primary School

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A deputy principal at a local Primary school in Perth’s northern suburbs, realising the staff members often have limited time during breaks to relax and recharge, reached out to Plumbing Group WA. The idea was to upgrade the staff room facilities to maximise efficiency and comfort for the staff.

Instant Hot Water

One of the first upgrades PGWA undertook was the installation of a new water boiling unit. Before this installation, staff members who wanted a cup of coffee or tea were waiting for a kettle to boil. With the new system in place, boiling water is now instantly available, streamlining break times and ensuring that staff can relax without watching the kettle or the clock. This improvement not only saves time but also enhances the overall break experience.

Supply and installation of Filtered Water

Next, PGWA moved on to improving the drinking water by installing a water filtration system in the staff room. This system ensures that filtered water is on tap throughout the day without compromise. It’s a health-forward move that shows the school’s commitment to the well-being of its educators and staff, and PGWA was more than happy to oblige.

Efficient Dish Handling with a New Dishwasher

Last but not least, addressing staff wasting time washing and drying dishes or rummaging for clean ones. This is now a thing of the past, thanks to the installation of a new dishwasher, which has streamlined kitchen duties, allowing staff to quickly clean up after their meals and return to their responsibilities without hassle. This upgrade saves time and conserves water, reducing the school’s environmental footprint and operational costs.

The Bigger Picture

Staff should focus their energy on childcare, and the more comfortable and efficient their breaks, the more refreshed and engaged they will be in the classroom. 

Plumbing Group WA was pleased to play a part in delivering a functional staff room that shows the school’s appreciation for its valuable staff. 

The newly upgraded staff room is equipped with instant hot water, a water filtration system, and a dishwasher. We hope the new additions significantly impact the staff’s productivity and morale. 

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