The humble garden tap installation | Costs and Considerations in Perth

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The Costs and Considerations When Installing a Garden Tap

So you’ve decided to install or replace the humble garden tap. Let’s be honest – the garden tap is the unsung hero of Australian backyard! May I be so bold as to suggest it’s an Australian icon? Ok, ok, too far… I guess we are just more passionate about plumbing than most.

In all seriousness, the humble garden tap is an important addition to any home. Try washing your car, filling the kiddy pool or putting out your fence because of another BBQ accident without one!

So, it makes sense to get it done right, and we have listed a few factors to consider before hiring a plumber to install a garden tap.

  1. What does it cost to install an outdoor tap?
  2. Installation Considerations
  3. Living long-term with the garden tap installation
  4. Choosing a Professional Plumber

1. What installation costs and factors to consider in Perth

Homeowners can expect to pay between $100 to $400 for a basic garden tap installation, with prices varying by region and specific job details; let’s discuss the factors that can contribute to the installation cost.


The type of tap and piping used will affect the cost, so let’s discuss some recommendations.

  • Zinc and Plastic Taps: Typically, these are less expensive but not up to the task of outdoor application. 
  • Brass Taps: Brass is more expensive but more durable and resistant to outdoor conditions, so it makes sense for an outdoor tap installation.
  • Brass piping: Brass Piping is preferable when strength and durability are most important
  • Polypipe: Polypipe is recommended when cost and flexibility are the priority.


Installation should be at a central point that makes it accessible and practical. Nothing is worse than fighting with the garden hose while the neighbours watch on. Discuss your intended uses with the plumber and avoid frustration and the unspoken judgement of your neighbours.
When choosing the location for installation, bare in mind that the further the distance from your main water supply to the installation point, the higher the installation cost due to additional pipe and labour to install it. 


Costs can vary depending on the plumber’s rates and the complexity of the installation. Access to your water line and ease of installation play significant roles.

Additional Considerations

 Depending on your setup, you might need a backflow preventer, insulation for frost protection, and a shut-off valve, all of which add to the cost.

Get in touch with PGWA for a more accurate quote at 0439 570 736

2. Installation Considerations

Before installing a garden tap, consider the following:

  • Regulations and Permissions: Some areas require permits for plumbing installations, even for something as simple as a garden tap. Always check with your local water authority or council for regulations. Alternatively, reach out to PGWA, and we will be more than happy to take care of this for you.
  • Water Pressure: The location of the tap in relation to your home’s water supply can affect water pressure. It’s important to ensure that your new tap will have adequate pressure for its intended uses.
  • Accessibility: Ideally, the tap should be easily accessible, yet not where it can be easily damaged by regular garden activities or extreme weather.

3. Long-Term Benefits and Usage

Investing in a high-quality garden tap and professional installation can provide long-term benefits:

  • Convenience: Easily water your garden, fill buckets, or wash your car without needing long hoses or buckets of water from inside.
  • Water Efficiency: A well-placed tap can reduce the amount of water wasted, helping to lower water bills and conserve resources.
  • Property Value: Functional outdoor improvements like an additional water source can enhance the appeal and functionality of your property for the right buyer.

4. Choosing the Right Professional

If you haven’t already called PGWA and are considering other plumbers, we won’t hold it against you. When looking for a plumber, consider 3 very important factors.

  1. Are they licensed and insured? Ask for their license number and look it up at the Building and Energy Plumbers Licensing Search. It will be 2 mins well spent!
  2. Is the plumber experienced? Nobody wants to be second-guessed, but discussing the tap installation prior to installation will give you an idea of whether they have done this type of work before. This doesn’t sound all that important – after all, it’s ONLY the humble garden tap. However, a leaking garden tap will easily go unnoticed, especially underground. Your water bill will grow – never mind leak detection costs and repairs down the road.
  3. Is the plumber local? Local plumbers not only have local knowledge but are more cost-effective and more reliable. You also know exactly who you are dealing with, especially in the event of a recall.
Alternatively, reach out to PGWA and let us worry about this for you. Get in touch today 0439 570 736


Installing a garden tap is a relatively affordable home improvement project that can add convenience and efficiency to your outdoor activities. We hope that you feel better equipped to make the leap and install a humble Aussie icon in your garden today. 

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